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Aluminium stadium seating

poltronaThe new aluminium Olympic seating (protected by an international patent), conforms to recent regulations requiring the use of seats with back plates of 30cm. Our seats are also automatically reclining, and conform to the strict international accident prevention criteria with regard to emergency stadium evacuation.

Our Olympic seating is unique on the international market and is firmly anchored to the steps. It is perfectly non-detachable and cannot be removed by acts of vandalism.

The structure, entirely made of extruded aluminium, offers the exceptional guarantee that it will not degrade over time, as well as being extremely light, sturdy and solid and not affected by the weather.
Aluminium has numerous advantages, including environmental protection; it can be completely recycled and has a value that will never devalue on the stock market, but instead appreciates every year. Should you wish to dispose of it, this aforementioned value is repaid, unlike with plastics, which are disposed of at a high economic and environmental cost.

Olympic seating has an innovative, high-impact look and is available in four different models:

 Zero seating with fixed back plate
Click on the picture for the whole gallery

 Tip Down seating with folding back plate
Click on the picture for the whole gallery

 Tip Up seating with adjustable seat
Click on the picture for the whole gallery
 De Luxe seating with adjustable seat and armrestsClick on the picture for the whole gallery

Olympic incorporates a removable advertising panel. The advantage of having, completely free, a never before used advertising space that is immediately available becomes a significant financial income for the Stadium.

Olympic represents a significant environmental and cost saving. In fact, once it is installed it does not need to be regularly replaced or disposed of, unlike plastic seating, because it is not affected by weather conditions or acts of vandalism.
As soon as the spectator stands up, the Tip Up seat closes and the back plate of the Tip Down seat hits against it immediately, thanks to an exclusive mechanism that cushions its fall.

21 Jun, 2024


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